Welcome to Soapy Goats!

Dog+on+goat-gfairyAll goats are mischievous thieves, gate-crashers, and trespassers. Also they possess individual character, intelligence, and capacity for affection which can only be matched by the dog. Having once become acquainted with them I would as soon farm without a dog as without a goat.
–David Mackenzie, Farmer in the Western Isles (1954)

Howdy friends! I am writing to you from Tottys Bend Soap Farm, a little bit of paradise located about an hours dive south west of Nashville Tennessee. You could say I’m one of those folks who dared to dream of a life in the country and to make a living off the land. You could say that –and you’d be right. My husband Nate and I used to live in Atlanta, Georgia. That is where we met and married while both of us were working in the restaurant business in a little neighborhood called Candler Park. Then one day, after all our underwear got stolen from the laundry mat on Moreland Avenue, we decided it was high time for a change. You see, we’re outdoorsy types with a love of nature and animals. And we’re not so much into traffic and smog, or having our undies stolen. Although I never will regret the fun filled years I spent cutting my big girl teeth in many a fine establishment in Atlanta Georgia. I kind of grew up there and discovered what I wanted out of life which, for a brief moment in 2006, was nothing more than to get the heck out of that crazy town!

And so our quest began and eventually led us to a 16 acre farm in rural Tennessee where we now raise Nubian dairy goats and make a line of goat milk soaps and other body care products. We’ve got a Tottys Bend Soap Farm website and an etsy store and facebook page where you can find out all about what makes our goat milk soaps so special and popular and where you can buy a bar or two if you’d like. We also sell our soaps at Whole Foods stores in Nashville and Chattanooga. But don’t worry; I’m not going to try to sell you a bunch of soap on this blog. No sir! This blog is strictly for those goat lovers out there who don’t mind seein’ a photo of a chicken every now and then. Here’s where I’ll be telling y’all about all the stupid farming mistakes I’ve made and what crazy antics my goats are up to. They are truly something else entirely! If you think goats are smelly no good creatures with noting to give or learn from, then I implore you to read this blog and have your mind swayed. If you are a lover of these hardy domesticated ruminant animals kept for milk and meat and noted for their lively and frisky behavior, then I know you are enlightened enough to stick around and I implore you to share your stories and comments with the rest of my millions of readers.

Happy kidding season to my fellow goat farmers and welcome to Soapy Goats!


One thought on “Welcome to Soapy Goats!

  1. We’re glad you chose us over Atlanta. Goats are indeed some of the most fascinating domestic animals. Smart, playful, and agile with a knack for getting into things that interest them, they’re affectionate. My brother had a couple of pet goats when we were kids too. Our grandfather made him a little cart. The shoemaker in Centerville, T. Doc, made a harness. They made quite a sight going down the road. I hope you have many stories to write.

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